Teaching Students & Parents the Art of winning Scholarships for College

A Teaching Book & Platform, Explaining How to Get Through College Debt Free


Learn how to start planning your kids’ college education and financial strategy as early as Kindergarten.

High School Students

Learn first hand how you can take control of your College Success by choosing smart Jobs for your age, saving money, and applying yourself.

College Students

Learn how you can reduce costs, as well as understand the scholarships at your disposal even if you feel it is too late.

What is College Survivor?

Book and E-book – College Survivor Strategy is a user guide for college scholarship and grant. The heart of the book is the strategy, the how. The resources in today’s market are excellent. They provide the where, when and why, but not the how. College Survivor Strategy provides the missing link. It teaches you how. It coaches you step by step through the process. You are no longer alone trying to find, organize, apply and manage your scholarship applications.  


College Survivor University of Success

University of Success supports each chapter with teaching videos. The series of videos provide added information that is not available in the book. Our website provides customized tools to support the philosophy of the book.

College Survivor University is for those who are following the strategy either individually or as a Dream Team. All materials support College Survivor Strategy, plus provide added tools and features.

We are working hard at adding content and updates to the book as well as the online University section. Subscribe to follow updates and be proactive!